A feature of the Park when opened in 1889, this project follows the successful conversion of the Park Keeper’s Lodge at the top of the Park into a cafe with open air facilities during this year. This is now open to the public, so the adjacent Fountain has become the subject for restoration, and is entering an exciting phase. The area around the Lodge is going to be opened up with partial removal of a hedge to allow the Children’s’ Play Area equipment to be extended towards both Fountain and Lodge, thus enabling parents to keep an eye on the children while enjoying a cup of tea! The very large stone Fountain provides six bowls with drinking spouts and water from these runs through pipes to three bowls on the ground provided for dogs. A weir at the back of each of these bowls allows surplus water to drain away leaving only fresh water for the dogs. It has remained semi-derelict for many years and the statue on the top of St. Eanswythe facing the hills away from the park entrance was demolished by a soldier ‘under the influence’ who climbed up on the Fountain with a sledgehammer in June 1966 and smashed the statue down so it fell in three pieces on the ground. It is believed to have been last seen over on the East Cliff where local council refuse was once deposited. The original statue of 1889 had a similar unfortunate fate as it was shot down by the Luftwaffe in 1945, when the second statue was erected. Pictures of both statues exist, and it is hoped that it may be replaced eventually, if funds permit.

  • Roger Joyce
    Posted at 16:51h, 15 October Reply

    the forum is very pleased to be supporting Frank Bond in his herculean efforts to get something done about the Fountain….this is a very important ‘Portal’ site for anyone arriving by train. It’s great to see Ward Members, SDC and East Kent College working together,

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