Heart Forum

Working together to preserve and promote our history, culture and heritage, and encourage and support tourism.


Actively contribute to the success of local Cultural Heritage Tourism by acting as a catalyst by –

Raising awareness of Cultural Heritage Assets

Bringing organizations and people of different skills and interests together

Identifying and communicating opportunities

Helping formulate, coordinate and align initiatives between organizations, community groups and businesses

Being a strong voice engaging local communities and authorities



Put Shepway firmly on the map as a prime tourist destination for Cultural Heritage.

Support efforts to preserve and promote cultural and historical assets.

Actively encourage locals and tourists to visit and explore our rich heritage.


The Shorncliffe Trust

The Shorncliffe Trust is a registered charity, originally called The Shorncliffe Redoubt Preservation Society, set up by Christopher Shaw in 2006, changing to The Shorncliffe Trust in 2013.

  • The 19th November 2016 will mark a very special date in the story of the First World War as it will be 100 years to the day when the fierce battle of the Somme was suspended after 141 days of fighting. ...

  • The shepway HEART forum believes that the Mark Wallinger Artwork 'Folk Stones', situated on the Leas in Folkestone has a particular resonance around the Centenary of the battle of the Somme.... on the first day, 1 July1916, 19,240 men lost their lives, but by the end of the 141 day battle, almost 1m from both sides of the conflict had died.... ...

  • The Sixth Exhibition in this series has been running in the former Ferry Booking Hall at Folkestone Harbour, directly opposite Hotel Grand Burstin and adjacent to the lorry park, since 18 March 2016 and has attracted some 5,200 visitors to date...